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NAI 1st Valley

1155 S. Telshor Blvd, Suite 100
Las Cruces, NM 88011
575-521-1535 [Office]
575-521-1743 [Fax]

Established in 1979, 1st Valley Realty, Inc. was founded upon principles that have served to set it apart and maintain its unique position in the Commercial Real Estate and Investment Brokerage industry today . . .

Sole focus of company resources into the commercial sector of the real estate and investment market
Selectivity regarding the type, quality and quantity of projects undertaken
FOCUS: A centering of concentration or interest

Central to our operation and a core element of our philosophy at 1st Valley Realty is the fact that we deal exclusively in commercial and investment real estate brokerage.
This focus, we feel, enables us the opportunity to gain the depth of knowledge and level of expertise required to most effectively market our projects in an environment which favors facts and sophistication over flash and salesmanship - Rational thought over emotional appeal.

SELECTIVITY: A process of choice based upon value or quality
Beyond sole concentration in the commercial/ investment sector, our firm is also selective about the type and number of projects we will undertake. This long-standing policy of selectivity, based upon exhaustive pre-listing project analysis, serves to ensure that our portfolio consists of quality, sound, saleable projects.

SERVICE: To provide for or act in the interest of another
Equally important, by limiting the number of listings we accept at any one time, we are able to devote the amount of time and resources to individual projects that our clients command and deserve.

When listing property with 1st Valley, our clients enlist the resources and energies of the entire firm.
When searching for investment real estate or selecting sites for relocation/expansion, we assure our customers no less than our full time, attention and commitment to an unparalleled level of service toward satisfaction of those needs.